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Home Design Trends for 2018

Custom kitchen in Emerald Isle home

Now that it’s officially spring, your thoughts may be turning towards creating the design for your custom home. Ashley Melton Homes offers custom home building for people wanting to set down roots in Emerald Isle, North Carolina or the surrounding communities. With more than 13 years of experience, he’s ready to make your design dreams come true. Wondering which trends are most popular this year? Here are just five of 15 popular home designs for 2018 that Ashley is showing his customers:

  • Colored windows and trim:The trend among homeowners in recent years has been for black, brown, and other colors to be used on the home’s trim. Black seems to be the most popular choice right now with several companies offering all vinyl, composite, fiberglass and even wood interior options. The grids come inside the glass or upgrade to grids on the outside for an even better look. Doors, shelves, and walls are all good candidates for black trim as well. Homeowners love the aesthetically pleasing and unique contrast that black trim provides throughout the living space.
  • Building with sustainability in mind:The more environmentally conscious we become as a nation, the more people take personal responsibility for the use of our resources. People are choosing cooling equipment with high a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and mini-split systems for heating and cooling. Insulation value (R-Value) and conditioned crawl spaces are becoming increasingly popular and will continue. When it comes to building a custom home, some of the popular choices include selecting reclaimed wood as a building material and designing the home in such a way that it’s more efficient at natural heating and cooling.
  • Home libraries:Reading on electronic devices may be all the rage, but people still love to collect and display printed books. That is evident in the number of people requesting the addition of a home library to their office or family room. Whether it’s just a few shelves or it takes up an entire wall, having a home library is a source of great pride for many. It also acts as a conversation starter when you invite guests into the room where you display your books.
  • Home offices:There’s no denying that we live in a gig economy, with more people freelancing or working for an employer from home. This requires a dedicated space to get their work done. Even those who don’t work from home appreciate having one place in the home to go to pay bills, get caught up on email, and other personal tasks. Of course, an office in your home may also qualify you for a tax break, which is always nice.
  • Open ceilings:An open ceiling gives a room more air, light, and a sense that the space is larger than its dimensions state. While it previously appeared in only two-story homes, the trend is now shifting to include spaces considered less vertically expansive. An open ceiling is an excellent choice for a dining room as it adds a sense of welcoming to all who visit.

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