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Buying Land on the Coast

Building a new home near the water is a dream of many people. After all, who doesn't like being able to relax while listening to waves crashing in the background? But living that dream is a bit more involved than areas away from the nearest river or ocean. This article will introduce you to a few terms that you'll want to become familiar with as you start looking for land.

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Know the Flood Zone

Many coastal properties in our area fall into one of several Flood Zones. If true of your property, it may affect the cost to build. For example, V Zones are usually ocean front, or near to ocean front. Homes built in V Zones are subject to additional building codes due to environmental factors such as high winds and the potential for flooding. These home require stronger windows than inland homes as well as additional hardware, straps and anchors.

Additionally, the first floor of a home located in a flood zone must be elevated and this adds to the cost of the home.

What’s the Elevation?

Speaking about the first floor elevation, before buying a piece of property, make sure to ask about an Elevation Certificate. This document is typically prepared by a licensed Engineer or Land Surveyor and helps determine the required elevation of the first floor of the home.

Ashley helps his customers track down this information and works with State and local entities as required.

If you would like to talk with Ashley about your project or you just have a question about building in our area, feel free to contact him and he will be happy to help you.

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