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While the custom home design & build can last for months, we begin with establishing a trusting relationship with each client. Very quickly this process evolves into a relationship that we take very seriously. Listening to what the client needs and wants are critical at this time to fully understand their vision and ultimate goals. I welcome feedback, questions and concerns at this stage so we can gauge expectations for the project. As a result the clients become increasingly knowledgeable, and obtain a true sense of ownership in the vision of the entire home building project.


Communication is imperative between the home building contractor and the client. I personally feel this is our best asset as a building company. Communicating each subcategory of the building process and making sure the client understands it is a good foundation for a successful project.

Budget Awareness

Budget awareness is key and One of the most important aspects of the building process. Keeping The client informed where they are financially during each phase of construction  it’s critical. It will help the builder and the client make informed decisions that will impact the building process.


I am personally involved in every detail of your home construction from site selection and design to lot clearing to home design and positioning. Everything. I even handle any surveying and all permitting required.

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Thirteen Years Developing

A quality home builder must produce quality and even exceed customer's expectations. That's why Ashley Melton has been developing and building homes for more than 13 years in the Emerald Isle, NC areas.

Graduate of East Carolina University

East Carolina University School of Business Class of 1994

NC Licensed
Home Builder

North Carolina licensed Home Builder License #64395

NC Licensed
Home Inspector

North Carolina licensed Home Inspector. NC Liense #3441

North Carolina Real Estate Broker

North Carolina
Real Estate Broker #235377

NC Licensed Stormwater
BMP Operator

North Carolina Stormwater BMP Operator License #982

NC LIcensed
Aquatic Pesticide Applicator

North Carolina Licensed Aquatic Pesticide Applicator 026-33242

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Ashley Melton built a custom beach home for me in Emerald Isle...  Ashley oversaw each phase of construction and... I would highly recommend Ashley.

Harry Hamilton

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Here are just a few of the homes Ashley has recently built on Emerald Isle and the surrounding area. For floor plans and more details, contact Ashley using the form below or at 910-539-5600
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